Welcome to my personal webspace. You might be interested in my blog and my Google+ page, where I write a fair amount about science and technology, or my professional profile.

Who am I?

I’m a scientist living in Asheville, NC. I have degrees in materials science and physics, but I’ve worked in a variety of fields, including computational science, software development, and polymer science. I am fascinated with a host of geektastic things, including scientific informatics and data mining, technology licensing and acquisition, the social web for the sciences, user-centered culture, statistics, measurements and metrics, quantitative microscopy and stereology, and data hygiene. I have at least some professional experience with most of the items on that list, which in some sense is a measure of my career satisfaction: I’ve been very fortunate that my career has aligned so well with my passions.

I currently lead my employer’s central materials characterization facility and have active research projects in the area of polymer science. I’m interested in materials and processes for new infrastructure and infrastructure rehabilitation.

The sidebar to the left has some ways to get in touch with me. Contact via Google+ or Twitter is welcome.