Summertime and new responsibilities

The summer is always crazy busy here and this summer is no exception. This year, a confluence of a project at work reaching a critical point, some added job responsibilities, and the usual summer craziness have conspired to keep me from blogging as much as I would have liked.

Recently, I’ve taken on the role of intellectual property champion for the central research division. This means that I’ll be keeping track of trends in what areas we’re inventing, what we’re filing on, and how well we’re doing in generating useful IP for the company. What’s most exciting is that I will be working to devise new, more useful metrics and measurements for the company’s IP performance. This has proved to be an interesting exercise thus far.

What strikes me most is how very little anyone understands about best practices in this area, despite the fact that IP has become central to most of the American economy. I’ve been perusing a report from the General Counsel Roundtable of the Corporate Executive Board that outlines what that group considers to be best practices and they are certainly good, but the implementation is very vague. I’m left with an outstanding question of whether the vagueness is due to the differences in best implementations that arise from legitimate differences between companies or due mainly to the inertia of corporate culture. I expect that I’m going to learn a lot from this.

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